Individuals, Couples & Family Therapy Services


Individual Therapy

Clients will be provided with the tools so that their needs are met at whatever pace is comfortable. Clients will learn what it is like to experience a stable and healthy attachment where they will be given the tools to transfer these strategies and life skills in the outside world.


Couples Therapy

We will work with you to establish a safe, constructive and supportive foundation where each individual will learn healthy communication skills. Couples will learn how to turn maladaptive coping mechanisms into adaptive coping mechanisms, process feelings of betrayal, and establish a stronger, resilient and reciprocal alliance.


Family Therapy

We can assist with aligning the needs of parents and children, as well as addressing matters such as behavioral problems, neuro-developmental disabilities, special educational needs and other factors affecting children specifically along with the overall family dynamic.

For All Ages - Children - Teens - Adults

”Allow yourself to see that life is precious and that life is worth living.
Learn and identify what is holding you back and release it.”

Welcome! Introducing Our North York & GTA Based Therapy Office

We provide both in-person and online counselling for individuals, couples and families ranging from children to adults. Our team consists of Master of Social Workers specializing in Mental Health and Addictions. Click here to meet our experienced team of professionals..

We are deeply committed to and passionate about our work. An important part of our practice is identifying where a person is in their life, which allows us to adequately support and guide clients in achieving their goals. Our dynamic team of professionals are here to help. Click here to learn more about our services.